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Dale Alan Northup was Born 8/14/1946 Neillsville, Wi third child to Ralph E. Northup and Bernice Louise Mertes. Dale married Diane Campbell. Children were Duane, David, Dawn, Dustin, Denise, Darren and Dick (A.K.A. Aaron).

Dale Alan Northup Family

Children of Dale and Diane Northup

Duane Alan Northup DOB: 8/18/1965
David Arlyn Northup DOB: 4/22/1967 Partner: Kimberly Meyer (DOB: 4/14/1969) Separated
M. 2.) Karen Ambelang (DOB: 6/3/1968)
Dawn Marie Northup DOB: 9/5/1969 M. Terry Plath (DOB: 8/9)
Dustin Andrew Northup DOB: 6/26/1972 Married Julie Jorgensen (DOB: 11/5/1971) on 9/7/1991
Denise Mary Northup M. Wesley Holford
Darren Anthony Northup DOB: 7/9/1976 Married Sarah Wiess
Aaron Northup DOB: 8/8/1977 Married Jennifer Enderby
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Dale & Diane Northup